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Burn Yourself, Lighten Up Your Lamp, and Spread The Flame

As an Indian, I am certainly proud of my country and our proud heritage. India’s beauty and culture made us stand out from the world. We are the seventh-largest country and the largest democracy in the world. India never invaded any country in the last 100000 years of history, and the cultural diversity and the […]

The Phoenix, who turned into Ashes!

My mom used to say that when she was young, there were not many Crimes like now. The crime rates were relatively low during her childhood days. I often wonder if it was true. Or was it because there was no or fewer medium of communication? Anyways, it doesn’t matter. She blames movies and video […]


Crimes are increasing day by day. Violations are happening all over the world in different and brutal ways. The increase in crimes gradually makes people fail to remember old crimes easily. However, some of them are difficult to forget, and I wanted to share one such incident in the U.S.A. Ariel Castro was an elementary […]

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