Crimes are increasing day by day. Violations are happening all over the world in different and brutal ways. The increase in crimes gradually makes people fail to remember old crimes easily. However, some of them are difficult to forget, and I wanted to share one such incident in the U.S.A.

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Ariel Castro was an elementary school bus driver.  He was perfect, religious, and an active member of his church, who plays the piano. Everybody had a good impression on him. Even though he had friends, he doesn’t like to talk too much. He was a silent and introverted man and maybe a role model for many!

But he had a dark hidden secret that nobody knew. He abducted three girls and seized and restrained them in his house basement where nobody can come or hear anything. Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight, and Gina were the three unfortunate young girls he abducted.  The girls were imprisoned, tortured, beaten, and raped for almost one decade. The mode he has chosen to abduct them was by offering a ride. Two of the girls was his daughter’s best friends. There were no witnesses found.

Ariel Castro and the terrifying tale of the Cleveland kidnappings – Film  Daily
Ariel Castro

Michelle Knight, a twenty-year-old girl, was his first victim. He abducted her by offering a ride. She went missing on August 23, 2002. Her acquaintances thought she ran away from home because of some traumatic experience that happened in her past. She was abused sexually and emotionally when she was young. She also had a baby when she got kidnapped.

Michelle wanted to be a good mom for her son, unlike her mother, who never cared about her. One day when she was out to look for a job, her mother’s lovers grabbed her kid and fractured his knee. Michelle took him to a hospital, but the social services have taken away from her and put him in foster care. She went to court, looking for an appointment to get her son back. Ariel Castro, her best friend’s father, walked into the store and offered a ride to the place she was looking for. After that, nobody had ever seen her or looked for her.

His third victim Gina was Castro’s daughter’s best friend. On April 2, 2004, before she became missing, she was with Castro’s daughter, Arlene Castro. Arlene was planning to come over Gina’s house, but Arlen’s mother disagreed. So they had separated into two different ways. When Castro met Gina later that day, he asked her to help him find his daughter. She agreed and got into his car. But she never returned.

Amanda, a teen girl, disappeared the day before her 17th birthday. She was working at a local Burger King. On August 23, 2002, Amanda left early from her work. She called her sister for a ride, but unfortunately, her sister was at work. So she started walking, and a van pulled up and asked her for a ride. That was the last day people saw her before her missing. Gina and Amanda were the most wanted girls in America when they got kidnapped.

Ariel Castro was once married and separated because of his unnatural behavior. He has four children, three daughters, and one son. He impregnates one of his victims, Amanda Berry, and made them worse and worse day by day. They had lost their taste of food, and he sat them in a dark room. He thought no one would find out.

The girls were courageous. They never lose their hope and always knew their family was still fighting for them. They believed one day, they would see the sunshine again. They stayed in that faith and continued their lives. They were bold, and nothing broke their heart.

But every untold truth has to be revealed one day even if it’s a little late. A decade after their disappearance, On May 2, 2013, God answered all the prayers.

 Berry, along with her daughter, escaped through a doorway, which he forgot to lock when he went out. She asked for help nearby. Her neighbor helped her call 911; she screamed, “Help me, I’m Amanda Berry. … I’ve been kidnapped, and I’ve been missing for ten years, and I’m, I’m here. I’m free now.” A couple of minutes later, Police rushed to his house and rescued them from there. America’s most wanted girls became free again.

 The day Castro was arrested and sentenced for life-time imprisonment was the most beautiful day to Cleveland. A dark hidden secret had revealed to the world. But On September 3, 2013, Police found him with a sheet tied around his neck, knees bent, his shorts around his ankles.

Even though they had a horrible past, they moved on with their lives with their loved ones. They are leading a good life with their family and help others heal their dark past. Their story becomes compelling and inspirational for those who have a traumatic experience.

The truth is still the truth. Whatever we try to hide, eventually, one day, it will come out in one way or another. Indeed, there may be many people still out who got kidnapped and pleading mercy.  And their kidnapper may be living next to us with an innocent face. Let’s be cautious.

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