Burn Yourself, Lighten Up Your Lamp, and Spread The Flame

As an Indian, I am certainly proud of my country and our proud heritage. India’s beauty and culture made us stand out from the world. We are the seventh-largest country and the largest democracy in the world. India never invaded any country in the last 100000 years of history, and the cultural diversity and the incredible architectures are quite amazing. The famous Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders, is one of those. A lot to say about India!

But unfortunately, India is considered one of the most dangerous countries to live in for women. Most of the women in India, including me, are somehow victims of rape or any kind of abuse. Every woman in India is living like a survivor. We are struggling to stay alive each day, every hour, every minute, every second, and every fraction of a second. 

There is a colossal amount of sexual abuse happening whole around in India in many ways. When we try to express this to someone, mostly they will give us beautiful advice, “it is common; better not tell anyone; it brings shame to us only.” But the truth is, most of them are terrified of society. They think the only way to protect ourselves is to hide the truth. Yes, We have tried to fight back and protest in our ways. However, It was useless.

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But here, I want to talk about a few incidents which I am not proud of as an Indian. 

#hathras: On September 14, 2020, a young, beautiful 19-year-old Dalit (low-caste) girl who lived in Uttar Pradesh got gang-raped by four upper-classmen demons. According to the reports, she was raped by her four upper-class guys named Sandeep, Lovekush, Ramu, and Ravi. On the day she got brutally raped, she was with her mother and brother on the farm to get cattle fodder. 

When her brother got a phone call for another work, he left them there and went for his work. She was standing a little far away from her mom. Maybe she was singing or deep in thoughts, but not knowing those demons were watching her. They didn’t miss the opportunity to steal her life. Monsters came to her, concealed her lips with their dirty hand, and chopped her tongue, brutally raped her, and strangled her to death. The violence left her paralyzed, and her spinal cord was severely injured. When her mother finds that child, she was already half dead. 

She was initially admitted to the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College and then shifted to the Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi after her condition worsened. She died on September 29, 2020. Even though the family had denied cremating the body, the 19-year-old was still consigned to flames that night around 2:30 AM!

The case is still in court. All those guys are arrested, and CBI is investigating this case.

#Nirbhaya This is not the first time this is happening in India. On 2012 December 16, a 23-year-old medical student gang-raped in a bus by six men, including a juvenile. It is still a horror story for us. She tried to fight back with her pain. She wanted to live. She had dreams, a vision that anyone could envy. Her father worked day and night to help her to achieve his child’s goal, his goal. But those six demons robbed her life. 

Even though she got justice seven years later, not every one of us is happy. Mukesh Singh, Vinay Sharma, Akshay Thakur, and Pawan Gupta hanged to death on March 20, 2020. The main accused, Ram Singh, committed suicide while in jail in March 2015. Their family thinks that it is a murder (What a funny thought, though!). Another accused was a Juvenile and was sent to a reform facility and released after three years.

But yes, most of us have forgotten about them. Because it is common and most of us, until it happens to own life, learned to live with it without any social obligationWe can find wolves in sheep’s clothing everywhere. Some are absolutely hidden in their angelic mask. We were too shocked to see some “perfect gentlemen” caught redhanded. We have seen those who “thought as friends,” “mentors and coaches,” ‘pure souls – priests,” teachers, etc. There was no caste-tribe-religion-political-age-status-power-money involved here. Anyone from any background can do anything to a woman.   Some “innocent” faces are relieved. But who cares? Most of the Culprits are alive and healthy. Some are behind bars, and others are out. Some say jail food is better than any other food. They are taking some time off and enjoying the trip. They have nothing to lose. Do they? But, what about the victims? Their parents? Family? Friends? What about their dreams? All are in ashes, just ashes.

No country for women: India reported 88 rape cases every day in 2019 - DIU  News

#Kathua In 2018 Jan, a seven-year-old girl gang-raped and murdered by six people. She disappeared for a week before the villagers discovered her body. She had gone to watch over grazing horses, but she was no longer with them when the horses returned at 4.00 PM. She had been drugged with a sedative before she was raped and murdered. Six of the seven defendants were found guilty, and one was acquitted. Temple Priest Sanji Ram, Deepak Khajuria, and Pravesh Kumar were sentenced to life imprisonment for 25 years, with a fine of ₹1 lakh. The other three accused were sentenced to five years in jail for destroying vital evidence in the case. The court acquitted Sanji Ram’s son due to a lack of evidence. The eighth accused, Sanji Ram’s juvenile nephew, was tried at a juvenile court. Temple Preist Sanji Ram held that child for several days made her suffer heartlessly. Religions are teaching good deeds by several monsters. Sometimes I wonder why are they preaching about good deeds if they don’t wanna follow one?

Why is this happening too much in India? Why is this happening to every woman and child in India? No, It’s not only just happening in India. If we dig deep, this might be happening almost everywhere but quite often in the news here. Some blame the length of the dress. Monsters have brutally raped three months old child to 70 years old woman. Are you still going to blame our clothing?

The traditional concept of a woman should be changed. We are not mere toys who do only household works. If you can walk at night, I CAN too. If you can drive at night, I CAN too. If you can chill out, I CAN too. It’s my discretion what I want and what I don’t want. If it’s my decision not to go on a solo trip, you can’t question me; neither I can question those beautiful ladies who go on a solo trip. It’s up to them! Learn to respect!

Earth is Goddess, the mother. Women, too, are Goddess and Mother. But what an atrocity. Still, women are not allowed to speak. Women have dos and don’ts. Every human has both sides, good and evil. But which one do we opt for is our choice. We indeed are human beings, we make mistakes, but we have a good side too. Whatever we choose shows who we really are. 

But it is also true; I have found many beautiful people in my life, inside and out. They helped me without asking; some are total strangers; some are my part of my life. Sometimes I even wonder why did they help me. I am a stranger to them, and they are a stranger to me too. Probably, they have a sister like me, or probably they are wonderful people.

I have a brother who always supports and cares for me. He always reminds me it’s ok not to be perfect and corrects my mistakes. He makes sure that I am ok in every half an hour if I travel alone. I have a father who always calls in every minute if I travel alone. I have friends who pick me at night and send me home safely. And I am always thankful to them. They taught me to be independent. They remind me that I am a survivor, and you should survive too.

Yes, Every woman in this world is a survivor. We survived our lives every morning, afternoon, evening, and night. We withstood yesterday, we are enduring today, and we have to survive tomorrow. We know that we don’t get a fair judgment here; our power is our voice. If you have a little flame left, spread it to others. Let it make an explosion. So speak up! The world needs your voice. Our voice! Yes, perhaps demons are watching me too now. Perhaps, it may be my turn today and your’s tomorrow. But always remember there is a generation who stand for us if you illuminate your lamp. If we do not, we are irresponsibly destroying the coming generation. We need to change; the world needs to change. Our fate and our young generations’ fate is in our hand. Let’s be careful. Let’s fight. We are survivors!

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