Believe in Yourself!

As someone once said: “We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.” Yes, it is true that each and everyone in the universe indeed had or has dreams. However, how many of us dare to make a battle for our visions? Dreams are just fantasies until you work hard to make them into reality. 

Life is a short journey where we have combat to invade our dreams. Sometimes we fail or succeed. But always remember, nobody is born with success. Every successful person has a series of failure stories and sacrifices. But what makes them different is, they converted their imagination into a real-life story. 

“We have our limitations” is one of the main excuses people use for giving up their dreams. But my answer is, so does everyone and that makes them successful. Limitations are in our own thoughts and mind. As human beings, it’s sure we have problems and obstacles. No one is ever gonna be free from problems, and it is a key part of our life. Troubles are more like relatives. When we take one problem down, his brother will come, then his sister will come and this chain never-ending. One way or other, we all are facing problems.  

Let’s look at Nick Vujicic if you are facing troubles that you think are the end! Nick, who has a disorder called tetra-amelia syndrome, an absence of legs and hands. But he made wings with obstacles and ride on them. Today he is known as one of the greatest influencers and motivational speakers in the world. He is just one example. If we take look into the world, we can see and know many people who overcame their problems. It is all about how we overcome such obstacles. But, if you still think your problems are bigger than those guys, go ahead and do nothing and if you think otherwise, get up and dare yourself! Let your problems be the fuel for your success!

‘Limitation’ is their fear of the past or fear of failure. One way or other we all are hostage of our thoughts. It is better to remember, life doesn’t go always the way we plan. Sometimes, you get hurt but don’t let that ride your mind. The only one who can save you from your ill thoughts is you. Many struggles to escape from the guilt that did in the past. Feeling guilty about something means we are aware of our mistakes. The greatest punishment for a human is living in a pang of guilt and regret throughout life. Instead of living with regrets, we need to raise from ashes and learn from the mistakes we made and move on with our dreams.  

It is good to have regrets that help in achieving the dreams. Our mistakes are not the one that explains who you are. It will only explain what you become. Learn from them. Never let your past eat you alive. We all make mistakes. That’s what we are. Humans!! However, once we accept our mistakes, no one can hurt us anymore. 

I believe everyone has a purpose in their life. But we may drive in to several tracks until we find the right one. So keep going. Keep your heads up. There might be a lot of people out there to judge you, throw stones at you. But your answer should pay back by your Success. Don’t let anyone take away your lights. You are not what others describe. You are more than that. Always remember.

Success is not an overnight miracle. It takes years of dedication, and it also involves the ability to take risks. Many of us like to play safe and do not want to get out of our comfort zone. Sleepless nights pay off with a huge success. It doesn’t matter how many times you failed, always take chances. Life has to go with many different colors. Darling, don’t expect you to get the same color forever. Do not be afraid of failures. Your failures will help you to sharpen your inner souls for more fight. Life is a mixture of highs and lows. When we start the war on our battlefield, there are plenty of chances to get wounded by others. When you feel discouraged and wanted to quit, think about why you started, and keep pushing. Everyone gets tired in the middle of their fight. The only people who win was the one who didn’t quit. 

Yes, there are many times, we can be so reckless and dumb. But you also have the power to be courageous and wise. So if you have already forgotten your dreams, restart your life. Dream again. Dream big. Fight for it until you make it. When others pull you into the darkness; see yourself as a flashlight. There will be no one in the world who can help, you until you decide to get a grip on yourself first Don’t lose your mind. The mind plays complicated games which will probably destroy your soul.

All I have to say is don’t stop believing in yourself. Dedicate your life to your dreams to become real. Prove to no one, but yourself. Your hard work will pay off one day. 

 “If you can dream it, you can do it.” 

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