The World is Changing; Are you?

Transgender rights are one of the most contentious issues in today’s world. As I was born in a homophobic atmosphere, I wasn’t much aware of them as a child. All I heard from the people was some weird people exist on our planet who identified them as trans, lesbians, gays, and bi. They tried to instill resentment in me by telling me that these guys are evil and I should not speak to or smile at them. However, as I grew older, I realized that these people are not as evil or sinful as many believe. They’re just ordinary people like me, like us. 

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When I wrote an article that supports LGBTQ rights in one of the media I worked for, some people came against me by saying I do not deserve any respect. But honestly speaking, I am not looking for anyone’s respect or admiration with my writing. My writings express my opinions and points of view. I don’t mean to imply that I want you to agree with me. But before you pass judgment on others and declare they are sinners, I want you to examine yourself.

I’ve seen people make negative remarks about transgender people. I will begin by recounting a personal experience. My friends and I were waiting at the bus stop one day to catch our school bus. There was a woman in her fifties standing next to us. She was a teacher in one of the prestigious schools. Suddenly some transgender women came out of an auto-rickshaw in front of us.

The lady who had been watching these people turned to me with anger and said, “Look at them. How can they live like this? They are a pure embarrassment to our world.” I didn’t want to disrespect her. But she was getting on my nerve. I said, “If you could walk in their shoes, you’d probably get the answer.” My point is if you don’t know them or they aren’t bothering your personal life, it’s none of your fucking business.

When people become very religious and say these people are sinful and unholy, I always ask, “What about us? Who are we kidding with our religious view? I have no idea about other religions. But for Christians, God gave us ten commandments as a guide for the better living of His people and as a check against evil. But does anyone follow that? I know and witnessed many religious people, including pastors and priests, committing adultery. Take Ravi Zacharia as an example. It is silly that many people still support his heinous behavior by saying David had also done wrong things. I mean, come on. What kind of lame excuse is that. 

If you think they are sinners and treat them like trash, while you are doing more immoral than them, who are you to judge them? You will never probably understand until you experience something like them. When I talked to someone, he said being transgender or gay is a choice, and I said, yes, the only choice they made was to be themselves. They’re just some fallen leaves trapped in another body. It is who they are. I believe nobody loves to get hate from the whole world. They could make happy others happy by hiding who they are. But what about them? It will never make them happy nor change the fact of who they are. 

Many people told me as a child that the job of trans people is prostitution. Some think of trans people as sex-machine. Sometimes I do not get the idea of what they are saying. If you believe trans is prostitution, what will you call the people who pay them to sleep with them? Have you ever wondered how they end up in prostitution? I recently read one of the articles about a trans woman. In the article, she had mentioned the difficulty and hatred towards her while she was looking for a job. Even though she had excellent qualifications, many decided to hate her. 

Many of these people are far more gifted than we are. However, our prejudice prevents us from giving them a chance simply because they demonstrated who they truly are. I’ve seen numerous signs in public indicating that trans people are not permitted to enter. I mean, you secretly watch many shows about trans, gay people, while publicly cursing them and declaring that you don’t support them and that God hates them. But, come on, you do not need to worry about whether God likes them or not. Who knows, maybe God loves them more than us for not hiding who they are. We, on the other hand, hide who we are. 

Remember that everyone has flaws, and nobody is perfect. It is indeed that many of us have private and public lives separately. So before you make judgments on others, we need a change. We need a world where we get more opportunities and love than hatred and anger. Everyone is human. Your identity is your inner sense. I know many people hiding who they are just because they do not want to hurt anyone or lose anyone. But what I have to tell them is that the people who love you will always love you no matter who you are or what you are. Don’t be embarrassed by your story. It might just inspire someone.

As trans women or men, the countless challenges and dilemmas they face physically and mentally are a massive concern. Everywhere, every time, every day, they have experienced a different type of harassment in a public or private place in the form of comments, a sexually explicit touch, inappropriate gestures, or just being followed.

It is sad to say some curse them in public places with hatred and anger like they saw a witch. Though they are human beings like us, the legal system often does not protect them from discrimination based on gender identity. Many universities rejected transgender students due to their sex. Even if they get to admit to college, many reports show they face discrimination, bullying, and harassment.

Another major concern for the transgender community is employment. Approximately 92 percent of transgender people are denied the right to participate in any form of economic activity in the country, with even qualified individuals being denied employment. Lack of jobs often leads them to poverty. Coming out of the closet as who they are is not an easy task for them. 

We are indeed living in the 21st century; some human prejudice and views will take decades to wipe out from our planet. If you only look for the negative aspects of them, you will only find negative information. Consider yourself in their shoes. They had parents, siblings, cousins, and everyone else. They are now a humiliation to their family and society. But why is that? The only thing they did was, be truthful to themselves in this selfish world. Gender identity is the essence of who we are. No matter what others say, be true to yourself.  

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  1. Awareness arises from the acceptance of one’s sexual identity, one’s body, many people cannot do it and therefore feel perhaps imprisoned in bodies that are not their own, and there is nothing wrong, no religion says that being gay or trans is prohibited, and no person can do it.

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